About Us

Benny and Sal, the owners and operators of Plum Tomatoes Restaurant, have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Growing up, as small boys in Brooklyn, they were both very influenced by family members who were lifelong restaurateurs. In 1981, they joined partnership with 2 friends and opened their first pizzeria, in Westchester, NY.

Their second business brought them to New Jersey, to a small establishment called Lions Pizzeria. Following that, they ventured into a more formal atmosphere in a restaurant called Cine Citta on 1st Avenue in Manhattan. The restaurant specialized in a fine, Northern Italian cuisine. It was not uncommon to catch glimpse of a celebrity or two while you dined. Their heart and soul, however, still was with the Pizzeria/Restaurant business, so when they sold Cine Citta, they purchased Vinny’s Pizzeria, in Belle Harbor, NY. As their business expanded, they eventually outgrew the small pizzeria storefront and purchased a plot of land directly across the street.

There they built Plum Tomatoes Pizzeria/Restaurant. Their passion for good food, combined with lots of hard work and their intense desire for perfection have remained with them throughout the years. You will always find either Benny or Sal at the restaurant daily, ensuring that the same quality food and service that they delivered when they began, is still being delivered to you today.

plum tomatoes

420 Beach 129th Street, Belle Harbor, N.Y. 11694 • Ph: 718-474-1775